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Affordable Luxury Car Detailing’s services are the perfect way to keep your vehicle looking great without breaking the bank. From regular washing and waxing, to interior and exterior detailing, there is an option available for every budget. With a detailed car, you can maintain a sense of style and class that matches your personal preferences and lifestyle.

For those who take pride in their vehicle’s appearance, car detailing is an excellent choice. Professional detailers use high-quality products designed specifically for cars, and often provide custom packages tailored to each customer’s needs. Car detailing services include things like waxing and polishing, as well as deeper cleanings for carpets, leather, fabric upholstery, plastics, vinyl and more. By cleaning and protecting your vehicle’s surfaces from the elements, car detailing helps prevent fading, discoloration and deterioration.

ALCD Affordable
Detail Package
  • All interior trim wiped & protected with InnerQD
  • Interior carpets & mats brushed & vacuumed including boot
  • Leather will be wipe down
  • Glass will be cleaned with CarPro Clarify
  • 5 Stage Wash Procedure will be applied
  • Door jams will be rinsed
  • Wheels will be cleaned with CarPro IronX, Trix and MultiX
  • Wheel arches will be rinsed
  • Engine bay will be rinsed
  • Blow dry aircon vents and panel gaps.
  • Hydr02 Lite protectant will be applied
  • Tyres will be cleaned with CarPro Retyre and dressed with CarPro Perl
ALCD Pride Ride
Detail Package
  • All Affordable Detail Package will be applied
  • Leather will be deeply cleaned and conditioned with Carpro Inside
  • Door jams will be rinsed and wiped down cleaned
  • Wheel arches will be deeply brushed and cleaned
  • Engine bay will be detailed and dressed with Carpro Perl
  • Decontamination will be applied with Carpro IronX soap
  • Decontamination will be applied via Clay Bar
  • Light machine polish will be applied with CarPro Essence
ALCD Fast & Furious
Detail Package
  • All Pride Ride Detail Package will be applied
  • Single stage machine polish will be applied with CarPro Reflect for Swirl marks minor scratches
  • Ceramic sealant will be applied with 12 months durability.
ALCD Need for Speed
Detail Package
  • All Fast & Furious Detail Package will be applied
  • Multiple stage machine polish will be applied with CarPro Ultra Cut, Reflect and Essence for Paint correction to remove majority of the Swirl marks and minor scratches

Frequenly Ask & Questions.

What is car detailing?
What are the benefits of car detailing?
How often should I get my car detailed?

The frequency with which you should get your car detailed depends on seve ral factors. The general rule is that the more you use your car and the more environmental exposure it gets, the more frequently you will need to have it detailed.

What is included in a car detail?

Car detailing is a thorough process that involves cleaning, restoring, and protecting the interior and exterior of a vehicle. The exact services provided vary depending on the company or service provider, but typically a car detail includes the following: Exterior Detailing: This involves a full wash, waxing, polishing, and removal of surface contamination such as sap, tar, and bugs.

How much does car det ailing cost?
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