Why do we need to get our car clay bar detailing?

When it comes to taking care of our vehicles, one task that often gets overlooked is clay bar detailing. Although clay bar detailing may not seem necessary, there are many benefits that make this task a must for any vehicle owner. Here are just a few of the reasons why we should get our car clayed regularly:

1. Removes Contaminants – Claying your car helps to remove embedded contaminants such as industrial fallout, road tar, tree sap and even bugs. These particles can act like tiny pieces of sandpaper and scratch the clear coat on your car's paint over time if left unattended. Clay bars help remove these pollutants quickly and easily, protecting your vehicle from potential damage.

2. Helps Paint Look Brighter – After you have finished claying your car, you will immediately notice how much brighter the paint looks! The contaminants removed by claying have dulled your paint's luster over time, so when they're gone you can see the full beauty of the car’s color shine through again.

3. Clears Up Foggy Headlights – If your headlights have become foggy or yellow over time due to built up grime or UV rays, claying them is a great way to get them looking like new again!

4. Enhances Wax Application - Finally, clay bar detailing helps wax stick better to the surface of your car after it has been applied. This gives your wax more staying power and makes sure you get the most out of its protective benefits for longer periods of time.

So don't forget to clay your car! It's an essential part of keeping your vehicle looking beautiful and protected from potentially damaging contaminants for years to come.